Deploy a React App with ZEIT Now and Create React App

Create your Create React App project and deploy it with ZEIT Now.

React is a popular open-source JavaScript framework, maintained by Facebook, for easily creating interactive single-page apps (SPAs).

In this guide, we will cover how to set up a React app with Create React App (CRA) and how to deploy it with ZEIT Now.

Step 1: Set Up Your React Project

Get started by setting up a React app using the Create React App (CRA) CLI tool. With this, you can generate a project to get up and running with React.

Using npm, you can setup a React app with CRA with the following command in your terminal:

npm init react-app my-react-app && cd my-react-app

Bootstrapping a React app with Create React App through npm.

If you would prefer to use another method, see the Quick Start documentation for CRA.

Step 2: Deploying

The final step is to deploy your app with a single command.

With Now, you can deploy your app to different environments, depending on what stage your app is at; either staging or production.

To deploy to a unique alias, use the following Now CLI command from your terminal:


Deploying the app with the now command.

If you want to deploy your React project when you push to a Git repository, you can use either Now for GitHub or Now for GitLab to have your project automatically deployed on every push, and aliased on push to master.

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