By default, all deployments are assigned a prefixed domain.

This domain can be replaced with a Custom Domain of your choice. This Custom Domain can be purchased with ZEIT or a third-party.

In this document, adding a domain to your ZEIT Now projects is explained in detail.

Adding a Domain

If you don't own a domain yet, you can purchase it with ZEIT. Then, once you own a domain, adding it to a project is very straightforward:

Step 1: Selecting Your Project

On the dashboard, pick the project to which you would like to assign your domain:

Selecting the project from the ZEIT Dashboard.

Step 2: Navigating to Domain Settings

Once you have selected the project of your choice, click on the Domains item in the menubar:

Selecting the Domains tab from the Project Overview page.

Step 3: Entering Your Chosen Domain

From the Project Domains page, enter the domain you wish to add to the project:

Entering a domain for the project from the Project Domains page.

Step 4: Verifying the Domain

Once the domain has added, you will be presented with two methods for verifying it, either through Nameservers or CNAME.

Instructions on verifying the domain from the Project Domains page.

Step 5: Domain Verified

Once the domain has been verified, the card status will change to reflect this.

A verified domain on the Project Domains page.

Wildcard Domains

You can use your custom domain as a Wildcard Domain by prefixing it with *..

Warning: If using your custom domain as a Wildcard Domain, you must use the nameservers method for verification.

To add a Wildcard Domain, follow the steps to add a domain, the only change being; at step 3, where you should instead use the prefix mentioned above, for example; *

A Wildcard Domain awaiting verification.

After the verification process is complete, the status of the domain will be updated within the UI to confirm that it is ready for use.

Deploying with Your Domain

Once the domain has been added to your project and verified, it is automatically applied to your latest deployment.

If you want to update your production deployment, there are two options available, using Now CLI or with Git.

Note: The first successful deployment of a new project will be marked as production and subsequently assigned with your custom domain automatically if you have not used one of the following methods.

Using Now CLI

To update your production deployment, you can use the --prod argument with the now command in your terminal:

now --prod

Deploying a project to production.

With Git

When a custom domain is assigned as a production domain to a project with a Now for Git integration enabled, each push (including merges) to the default branch (commonly master) will trigger a deployment that targets the defined domain.

Reverts take effect immediately, assigning the custom domain to the deployment made prior to the point the revert is effective from.

Removing a Domain

To remove a domain that is assigned to your ZEIT account or team, navigate to the Domains tab from the Project Overview and click the Remove button for the domain you want to remove:

A verified domain on the Project Domains page with the option to remove.


For more information on what to do next, we recommend the following article: