The ZEIT Now Platform comprises our API, clients and routing layer. All the individual components are designed to work together in cohesion according to the platform version.


There exist two major platform versions of ZEIT Now:

  • 1.0 (legacy).
  • 2.0 (default as of 08-11-2018).

As of 2.0, there is no longer a concept of deployment types. All deployments can combine static and dynamic serverless entrypoints.

We recommend migrating to v2 for increased performance, security and new features by following our upgrade guide.

Note: As of the 4th of January 2019, all new users will no longer be able to create deployments on the Now 1.0 platform version.

Version Selection

All individual accounts and teams are always automatically on the latest default version of the platform if created on or after 29-10-2018.

If you already had an account, we recommend upgrading your default version to latest, this can be done in the Settings page from your account dashboard.

Team or Account Versioning

In our web dashboard, head to Settings by clicking on your profile picture while logged-in.

Note: please make sure to do this for each context you are interested in selecting a version for (i.e.: individual and/or teams).

If you created your account before 29-10-2018, you will be in the 1.0 legacy platform. Otherwise, you'll always be on the latest (2.0 as of now). We recommend upgrading to v2 once you are confident you have upgraded your projects.